Sputnik v which countries

Hungary's decision was confirmed by President Viktor Orban's spokesperson, who said that if the country agrees on a shipment deal with Moscow, it will become the first EU country to receive the vaccine.

This comes as the country's cases have fallen from a peak of more than 6, per day in early December to below 2, per day. The EU's medicines regulator has yet to approve the Russian jab, though German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave Sputnik further hope on Thursday, suggesting that Germany's vaccines regulator could advise Russia on navigating the EU approval process.

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The approval from the UAE comes amid a record surge in cases in the small Gulf sheikhdom, which has stood out internationally for welcoming tourists and fully reopening its economy by late summer of last year. Confirmed coronavirus cases have more than tripled in a span of roughly three weeks, leading Emirati authorities to suspend nonessential surgeries in hospitals and "entertainment activities" in its bustling hotels and restaurants just days after assuring the country that the virus was under control.

The UAE's daily case count hit a record high 3, on Thursday, far above its neighboring Gulf Arab countries where registered infections hover below per day. The country of roughly 10 million is carrying out what its government says is the second-fastest national vaccination campaign in the world after Israel, per capita, and intends to have half the country's residents inoculated by the end of March.

I decided to take the Sputnik vaccine - but is it safe?

The RDIF says that 1, volunteers in the emirate have received their first dose. Scientists have expressed concern over what many have described as a rushed rollout of the vaccine, green-lighted for mass use in Russia before phase 3 trials were completed.

Analysis of the vaccine's phase 1 and 2 trials was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet in September, which said that early results showed no major negative side effectsbut that more studies were needed.

sputnik v which countries

Before Thursday's announcements, it had been approved for emergency use in nine countries and territories outside Russia — Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Belarus, Serbia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Turkmenistan and the Palestinian territories. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U.

Key Points. While Hungary has approved the Russian vaccine, the EU's medicines regulator has yet to do so. The approval from the UAE comes amid a record surge in cases in the small Gulf sheikhdom. As a first step in the biggest vaccination campaign in Argentina's history, first line health workers are receiving the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus.

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Furthermore, Russia was to sell million vaccine doses to India. Furthermore, India was among the countries that agreed with Russia to produce Sputnik V on its territory.In most countries following guidelines of the World Health Organizationvaccine candidates are not approved for regular use until safety and efficacy data from Phase III trials are assessed and confirmed internationally by regulators.

The quick approval of Gam-COVID-Vac was met with criticism in mass media and precipitated discussions in the scientific community whether this decision was justified in the absence of robust scientific research confirming the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The recombinant adenovirus types 26 and 5 are both used as vectors in the vaccine.

Both of them are administered into the deltoid muscle : the Ad26 based vaccine is used on the first day and the Ad5 vaccine is used on the 21st day to boost immune response. The first formulation was developed for large-scale use, it is cheaper and easier to manufacture.

The production of a lyophilized formulation takes much more time and resources, although it is more convenient for storage and transportation.

sputnik v which countries

A Phase I safety trial began on 18 June. Coupled with the observation that values tended to reach a plateau after three to four weeks, they contend that it is not unlikely that several participants would show identical results for days 21 to That trial is testing the vaccine on some 40, people in Russia and several other countries. Tens of thousands of volunteers have already received the vaccine. The ongoing Phase III study is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-centre clinical trial involving 40, volunteers, and is scheduled to run until May In Maythe Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology announced that it had developed the vaccine without serious side effects.

By Augustphases I and II of two clinical trials involving 38 patients each were completed. Only one of them used formulation which later obtained marketing authorization under "limited conditions". During preclinical and clinical trials, 38 participants who received one or two doses of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine had produced antibodies against SARS-CoV-2's spike protein, including potent neutralizing antibodies that inactivate viral particles.

The state registration of the vaccine was carried out "conditionally" with post-marketing measures according to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. The registration certificate for the vaccine stated that it could not be used widely in Russia until 1 Januaryand before that, it may be provided to "a small number of citizens from vulnerable groups", such as medical staff and the elderly.

Although the announcement was made even before the vaccine candidate had been entered into Phase III trials, the practice of marketing authorization "on conditions" also exists in other countries. By that moment, the Russian Federation has already received applications from 20 countries for the supply of 1 billion doses of vaccine.

Russia’s Sputnik vaccine gets its first approval in the EU, greenlight from UAE amid ongoing trials

Three facilities were able to produce about a million doses per month at each with a potential doubling of capacity by winter. By the end ofGamaleya Research Institute's production, according to an interview with the organization's spokesperson, was planned to produce 3—5 million doses.

On 11 Augusta World Health Organization spokesperson said, "Prequalification of any vaccine includes the rigorous review and assessment of all required safety and efficacy data You cannot use a vaccine or drugs or medicines without following through all of these stages, having complied with all of these stages. Moreover, as the Sputnik antigen is delivered via a different modality, namely using a disabled Adenovirus rather than formulated RNA, this provides flexibility in terms of perhaps one or other method providing better responses in certain age groups, ethnicities, etc.

Russia files Sputnik V vaccine registration in Europe

Stephen Evans, professor of pharmacoepidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicinesaid "The data [is] compatible with the vaccine being reasonably effective". Ian Jones, a professor of virology at the University of Readingsaid "These results are consistent with what we see with other vaccines, because the really big message for global health scientists is that this disease [COVID] is able to be addressed by vaccines.

They were released a bit soon. I think it's going to be a useful vaccine. According to preliminary review by experts, the lyophilized formulation of Gam-COVID-Vac is similar to the smallpox vaccinecircumventing the need for continuous cold chain storage — as required for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines — and allowing transportation to remote locations with reduced risk of vaccine spoilage.

The immunization started at 70 Moscow -based medical centers on December 5, Doctors and other medical workers, teachers, and social workers are given priority due to their highest risk of exposure to the disease.Hungary is set to become the first EU member state to carry out trials of Sputnik V, its authorities saidwith the first samples of the jab expected to arrive from Russia by the end of next week.

Production is expected to begin next month and South Korea-made doses will be intended for global distribution. Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, who is currently visiting Moscow, offered to localize the production of Sputnik V after its Phase 3 trials of 1, vaccines and placebos in the Latin American country wrap up.

Macron was reportedly "evasive" when responding to Putin's request, saying it should first be discussed with the scientific community. Our exclusives and on-the-ground reporting are being read and shared by many high-profile journalists.

Support The Moscow Times! Contribute today. Venezuela Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, who is currently visiting Moscow, offered to localize the production of Sputnik V after its Phase 3 trials of 1, vaccines and placebos in the Latin American country wrap up.

Read more about: Coronavirus. Read more. Contribute today Maybe later.Russia has already vaccinated 1. For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app. Nine countries have approved the vaccine and a further eight are expected to follow. Russia said in November that Sputnik V was Pfizer, on the other hand, said in November that its vaccine was 95 percent effective.

Sputnik has yet to be approved by the World Health Organization WHO as an emergency countermeasure for countries struggling to source vaccines, in comparison to others. Last week RDIF said that it would begin trialing a one-dose version of Sputnik V with the aim of providing a stopgap solution for badly hit countries.

Last year Dimitriev said the light version of the vaccine would be around 85 percent effective. Sputnik V, named after the Soviet-era satellite, has already been distributed to 1. Moscow has previously boasted that it already has more than one billion orders for the vaccine abroad. Coronavirus: Russia says 1.

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Text size A A A. Lebanon: Impeach the President Rami Rayess. Recovery and growth for Gulf countries in Richard Boxshall.Clinical trials statistics are based on clinicaltrials. Scientific articles statistics are based on pubmed. The use of adenovirus vector technology for vector vaccines has been gaining momentum since the s, and is safe and effective, which has been proven in multiple studies. Gamaleya Research Center has recently received an international patent for Ebola vaccine using adenovirus vector.

The vaccine has received a registration certificate from the Russian Ministry of Health and under emergency rules adopted during the COVID pandemic can be used to vaccinate the population in Russia. Russia is open to international cooperation in fighting the global threat of the COVID pandemic as well as future pandemics. We are planning to cooperate with partners in other countries in making their vaccines in Russia as well as in producing our vaccine abroad. We therefore welcome all interested parties to join this effort and help us save people's lives.

The two studies by Logunov and colleagues have several strengths. First, adenoviruses are ubiquitous, so humans might not be immunologically naive. A second strength is the threshold for neutralisation used in the two studies. A third strength is that the vaccine, similar to other before it, induced broad immune responses.

sputnik v which countries

Although not specifically discussed, the results imply a T-helper1-cell-weighted response that might be important for vaccine safety, potentially reducing the risk of antibodydependent enhanced disease. A fourth strength was development of two vaccine formulations, frozen and lyophilised.

A lyophilised formulation could mean stability within the existing global vaccine refrigerated cold chain that is needed to maintain vaccine efficacy from factory to recipient, a hurdle other vaccines are yet to address. Although more costly to produce at scale, product stability will maximise reach in remote terrain, a must if universal and equitable coverage is to be achieved.

The results of clinical trials of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V have demonstrated impressive results, which have now been recognized by the international medical community.

The vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective with no serious side effects identified and uses a proven platform based on human adenoviral vectors, which is currently the safest mechanism for introducing the genetic code of the virus spike into the human body.

This approach has been thoroughly studied not only in Russia but also internationally. Russia has a long and successful track record developing vaccines and remains a global leader in this field. We hope that the vaccine will soon become available across the world to help stop the devastating pandemic and enable people to return to normal life.

There are features that make Sputnik V a promising candidate. The idea of using two different adenoviruses as vector is superior over many vaccines in the frontline.

Generally, the immune system perceive the vector proteins as antigen similar to the S protein of SARS-CoV-2, so it elicit immune response against those proteins as well. If people are reimmunized as second dose or repeated vaccinethe pre-existing immunity can compromise the efficacy of second vaccine dose. Using a vector of different nature, as is the in Sputnik V, will avoid this problem. The data on the Russian vaccine studies reported in the Lancet are encouraging - demonstrating the safety and immunogenicity of the adenovirus-based COVID vaccines.

This technology and scientific approach we perfectly understand and absolutely approve.The vaccine was developed by the state-run Gamaleya Institute and is Named after the Soviet satellite that triggered the space race, Sputnik V has been used to inoculatepeople considered at risk across Russia — home to million people — to date.

It was first registered for emergency use in August, making Russia the first country in the world to approve a vaccine for widespread public use. The regulatory approval came ahead of large-scale clinical trials and drew warnings from scientists at home and abroad, who said data from tens of thousands of people were needed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the jab.

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The Kremlin has given assurances that Russians will be first in line to be vaccinated while Moscow continues to discuss international supply deals. Sputnik V is delivered in two shots, administered 21 days apart and in liquid form. It must be stored at minus 18 degrees Celsius minus 0. But a freeze-dried version can be stored at normal fridge temperatures of C Faccording to the Gamaleya Institute.

It is a so-called viral vector vaccine, meaning it employs another virus to carry the DNA encoding of the necessary immune response into cells. Like other frontrunner vaccines, phase three for Sputnik V is yet to be completed.

This stage is a large trial involving thousands of people, to prove the vaccine protects people. Sputnik V uses a similar approach to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which interim trial data suggests could be up to 90 percent effective.

AstraZeneca announced it will partner with the Gamaleya Institute to test whether combining the vaccines could result in better efficacy than two doses of the same one. More than 50 countries have made requests for more than 1.

Pharmaceutical giant says combinations of different vaccines may provide wider protection and better accessibility. Each dose is based on different viral vectors that normally cause the common cold.

Trials are set to start by the end of the year.

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Scientist behind Sputnik V vaccine defends Russian strategy. Russia says India to produce million doses of Sputnik vaccine. More from News. Republican opposition to Trump impeachment trial grows. Two Virginia police officers suspended over role in Capitol riot.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia eye improved ties after Gulf crisis ends.

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